Idol worship of Muhammad

British Islam conference 2018

Presenter: Farouk Peru

The blasphemy of Allah is less serious in the Muslim world today than that of the prophet Muhammad.

As an example there are many episodes of the Simpsons cartoon series where God is portrayed  as incompetent, contradictory and generally degraded but there hasn’t been a peep from the Muslim world. Compare this with examples that reference the prophet Muhammad and there has been a wave of outrage across the Muslim world. This contrast in our reaction is indicative of our mindset.

The prophet was an ordinary human being. He had no intention of being idolised. Yet Muslims say that he is special amongst all the prophets.

Verses from the Quran that describe the nature of the prophet Muhammad:

“Say I am only a human being, like you, to whom it has been revealed that your God is One. Anyone who fears to meet his Lord should do good deeds and give no-one a share in the worship due to his Lord” 18:110

“Say I am nothing new amongst God’s messengers. I do not know what will be done to me or you. I only follow what is revealed to me. I only warn plainly.” 46:09

Monotheism and idolatry are major themes in the Quran and mentioned in every chapter.

How we have made the prophet an idol

  1. Invest in him divine attributes. Claiming he is made of light
  2. Claim he performed miracles. The Quran is the only sign that has been sent to us
  3. Believing his intercession will influence what happens on judgement day
  4. He is infallible and never made mistakes
  5. Overwhelming love for the prophet when such love should only be for God

He has therefore become our partner to attain salvation.

Subtle examples of idolatry

Quran gives freedom of religion and we use Hadith to justify the killing of those who leave Islam. Giving the words of the Hadith priority to those of the Quran.

Obsessively copying his mode of dress and focusing on these external attributes.


  1. Follow the path of Ibrahim and observe the world around you to identify what idols are being followed. Then reset your focus away from these idols towards God
  2. Each of us has an individual way towards God. You don’t need to conform to a particular way in reaching God

One thought on “Idol worship of Muhammad

  1. I’ll just say this.
    am not a Muslim, and this post just shows me why I am not one. The Qur’an and the religion as a whole is just full of claptrap and horrible stuff. I will never be one, ever. And I am certainly NOT missing out. I know I sound harsh, but I need to be, as it is just so disgusting. Jesus was a disgusting man.
    Do check out which has religion bashing.

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