Beliefs of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community

British Islam Conference 2018

Presenter: Ibrahim Ikhlaf

The Ahmadiyya community has spread beyond its original beginnings of the Indian sub-continent. The beliefs of this community are considered by many clerics as being outside the scope of Islam.

The Ahmadi’s consider themselves Muslims and compliant with scriptural definitions of being a Muslim. They consider the prophet Muhammed to be their spiritual leader and the last prophet to be sent to humankind. There places of worship should be referred to as mosques and not temples This is regardless as to whether people agree with them or not.

Key Ahmadi beliefs

During times of darkness God sends reformers. God reveals details of the unseen including guidance through individuals that are appointed as messengers.

The prophet Mohammed said that a time will come when nothing is left of Islam except in name. Nothing will remain of the Quran except its script. Mosques will be full of worshipers but they will be empty of righteousness. The Ulema will be the worst of mankind. The prophet was describing the current world.

When prophet Mohammed mentioned the return of Jesus he was speaking metaphorically. Jesus has died and will not return to earth. There is no need for any previous prophet to return.

The prophet Mohammed made a prophecy that there would be 3oo years of prosperity in the Muslim world followed by 1,000 years of darkness and then a reformer would appear. That person will be from amongst the Muslim community and he will be able to communicate with God. He will be appointed as a messenger. That person was Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad from Qadian.

There is another prophecy that after Mohammed has passed away there will be a Khalifat for a period of time. This will be followed by a period of Monarchy and then the Khalifat will be established again. This Khalifat was established by Mirza Ghulam Ahmad and the current 5th caliph of this Khalifat is Mirza Masroor Ahmad.

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